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Nature walk

The healing abilities of plants are often explored through eating or drinking. However, walking in nature can be an incredibly useful way of improving one's mental, spiritual and physical health. Going as far as hugging trees can have a profound effect on a person’s well-being.

I have always enjoyed taking walks, but I live in a city so I usually walk through my neighbourhood, as there are not as many areas to do a nature walk or hike as there are in Canterbury. So, during this process, I went out to different nature reserves and walking trails to be out in nature. Initially, I found the experience strangely intimidating and I felt exposed despite being alone. However, over time, being alone in big open spaces, surrounded by huge trees and greenery had a calming effect on me. As a university student, I am constantly on the go so I am always aware of time passing. While on my walks I felt grounded and in the moment. 


On one of the walks, I was able to take a camera with me and capture the experience. 

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