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While exploring the role of Ayahuasca as a healing plant, I spoke with Dr. Daniela Peluso. I felt she would be an invaluable source of information as she is a social-cultural anthropologist who has lived and worked amongst Ese Eja communities in South America.  The Ese Eja are very knowledgable about plant medicines and their vast capabilities due to their ecologically diverse habitat. As a result, they are a community where plants are used to heal the body on all levels; from using chancapiedra to treat kidneys to the use of Ayahuasca to treat the spirit. Through her vested interest and commitment to this community, she has learnt about the Ese Eja and their traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies. She has also been able to see the transformation of these ceremonies as a result of Ayahuasca tourism. Daniela has utilised this knowledge to educate people on Amazonia, Ayahuasca and Ayahuasca tourism through several mediums. 

The audio file below provides some fascinating information from our conversation on traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies in contrast to the ceremonies that have developed as a result of Ayahuasca tourism.

Daniela Peluso Ayahuasca
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An insighful interview with an ayahuasca shaman
further information on how ayahuasca is made
and the role of a shaman
a series on western ayahuasca ceremonies 
Experience of and insight gained from an ayahuasca retreat
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