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Marijuana is a plant that many people use for its healing powers whether that be to quiet down the voice in their head, manage their pain or to brings some laughter into their day. I have used it for all of those purposes. However, sometimes the psychoactive effects caused by the THC can make it counter-productive when used on a regular basis. So, during this process, I have been micro-dosing using a CBD oil that is specially made with my wellbeing in mind. It is made with organic plant material rather than synthetic hemp so, I get all of the plant energy. During its creation, it is surrounded by high-frequency orgone and crystal energy to add to the healing power. By having intention as I add a small amount of the oil to an organic green tea I am able to set up my day in a positive way. Thus healing my mind and body with two plant forms. I get the healing properties from marijuana without the high. Micro-dosing has been an invaluable part of not only completing my degree but also, dealing with the constant assault of information about the pandemic. If I absorbed all of the messaging from the media without caution, it would definitely have me operating on a low frequency.

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